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$2.6624 per TiB per hour

Prepaid: starting
at $1,950/month
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Pricing and billing details#

  • The billing is based on the overall size of your databases (physical size on disk, observed by df)
  • For billing purposes, Database Lab Engine automatically tracks the size of the data directory on an hourly basis
  • Two payment models are available:
    • "Pay-as-you-go" model:
      • $2.6624 / per TiB per hour (with GiB precision),
      • once the billing cycle (a month) is finalized, the Platform automatically generates both the detailed report and the invoice,
      • payments are made based on this invoice and credit card on file (Stripe is used for all automated payments),
      • this model is most convenient for smaller companies, it is based on usage (calculated hourly).
    • "Enterprise" model:
      • the price is based on the analysis of your company's needs, several Tiers are available:
        • up to 1 TiB: $1,950 monthly (minimum for this model),
        • up to 3 TiB: $5,432 monthly (discount 7.14%),
        • up to 5 TiB: $8,287 monthly (discount 15%),
        • up to 10 TiB: $14,625 monthly (discount 25%),
        • more than 10 TiB: reach out to the Sales team for a special offering;
      • the limit may be exceeded any time without service interruption, but the detailed usage is recorded and reported at the end of the billing period,
      • billing period options: monthly, quarterly, or annually,
      • payment is to be made prior to the next billing period, based on an individual contract,
      • reach out to the Sales team to learn more: [email protected].
  • Two-week trial that could be extended by participating in the Liable Beta Tester program
  • Database Lab Engine is always hosted on your infrastructure, and the data never leaves your infrastructure