Talk to the team to solve your performance, scalability, and automation problems related to PostgreSQL. We have worked with Postgres professionally since 2005 and have a lot of experience in maintaining and optimizing heavily loaded systems.

How does differ from other consulting companies?

  • Strong focus on automation: manual operations don't scale. Everything needs to be automated: provisioning, backups, backup verification, failover, health checks, dev/test database refreshes, and answering basic DBA answers
  • Check 10 times, do once: full-fledged verification is a must for any changes related to databases
  • Help your team grow. We are not going to compete with your engineers. We are happy if your team expertise grows. Namely:
  • We will build the special "Lab" environments for your developers and DBAs so they will be able to experiment, troubleshoot, and sometimes break databases not interfering with colleagues and not putting production databases in danger. This will drastically change the behavior and habits of engineers, so they will learn SQL and Postgres much faster, and build products of better quality while minimizing production issues.
  • We will help you find good in-house DBAs. We will help them grow their knowledge (organizing training, sharing knowledge, and bringing the best experts in each particular area) – Our clients especially point to the fact that when talking to us they always learn something new.