Getting started with Database Lab

Database Lab Engine (open source)
Open-source technology to clone databases of any size in seconds
Joe, SQL optimization chatbot (open source)
Run EXPLAIN ANALYZE and optimize SQL on instantly provisioned full-size database copies
Dev/QA/Staging databases with superpowers
Develop and test using full-size database copies provided in seconds
CI/CD observer for DB schema changes
Prevent performance degradation and downtime when deploying database schema changes
postgres-checkup (open source)
Automated health-checks and query analysis for heavily-loaded PostgreSQL databases
Detached replicas
Use BI tools, run analytical queries, perform data export without replication lags and bloat
Database Lab tutorial for Amazon RDS
Get started to use Database Lab for Amazon RDS PostgreSQL
Database Lab tutorial
Get started to use Database Lab for any PostgreSQL

What is Database Lab?#

Database Lab is used to boost software development via enabling ultra-fast provisioning of databases of any size. Developers, DBAs, and QA engineers work with full-sized independent clones of PostgreSQL databases. Development and testing tasks are accomplished much faster, with more iterations done, with better quality achieved and with much less money spent.

CI/CD transformation with Database Lab

  • Optimize non-production infrastructure costs by 10x
  • Drastically improve development quality
  • Get rid of downtimes and avoid performance degradation
  • Cut half of the TTM (time to market), develop 2x faster than competitors

Database Lab architecture

Database Lab "Private Beta" program  👋

Database Lab Platform (SaaS) is currently in a "private beta" mode, being tested by several hundred engineers. Want to become an early adopter? Join Database Lab by "Private Beta" program today: