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Pricing that scales with you


Community Edition

Open Source
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  • Unlimited Thin Cloning


$190 per month
for each 100 GiB of data1
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  • Unlimited Thin Cloning
  • SQL Optimization UI
  • Security & User Management Features
  • Business hour support with 24 hour response time


Custom Pricing
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  • Unlimited Thin Cloning
  • SQL Optimization UI
  • Advanced User Management & SSO
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support with 1 hour response time
Thin Cloning
Cloning UI
SQL Optimization UI
Not Included
  • Joe Bot secure web interface
  • EXPLAIN ANALYZE visualization
All Standard Features
Security & User Management
Not Included
  • Secure User Access Tokens
  • Basic Access Control
  • Audit Log
All Standard Features+
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Enterprise SSO
Support SLA
Not Included
Monday - Friday
24 hour response time
24 / 7 / 365
1 hour response time
  • 1 Service is priced per GiB / hour at a rate of $0.0026. Database Lab monitors the physical size of the database using df  on an hourly basis. Standard and Enterprise packages have access to the Database Lab Platform.