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SQL Optimization with Joe Bot

Database Lab includes a virtual DBA that leverages the Database Lab Engine (DLE) to assist engineers with SQL optimization. Learn how the DLE works.

The SQL Optimization Paradox

Without the right tools, the task of SQL Optimization faces a challenging paradox:

The goal is to improve performance on production.
It is neither safe nor secure to experiment on production.

This leaves organizations with three bad options:

  1. Deploy query optimizations without properly testing them
  2. Allow engineers to experiment on production despite the significant risks
  3. Incur the time, cost, and complexity of maintaining secure and realistic pre-production databases

Joe Bot to the Rescue!

Joe bot for SQL optimization

Built atop the Database Lab Engine (DLE), Joe Bot resolves the SQL optimization paradox and gives engineers the power to improve query performance in a fully realistic, safe, and secure manner.

Joe Bot acts as a mediator between an engineer and a thin clone of the production database generated by the DLE. Joe Bot accepts SQL commands from the engineer, executes them against the database clone, and returns performance statistics and SQL recommendations.

Joe Bot never returns data itself, which is unnecessary when the goal is solely performance improvement.

Organizations using Joe Bot can safely empower every engineer to improve query performance.

Joe Bot in Action

  • Joe Bot recommends what to do with a poorly performing query
  • The engineer experiments with a solution by creating an index and verifies the result
  • Joe Bot can immediately reset and try another idea.
Joe Bot Demo